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If you want to trade the eminis it is important that you 1st understand the basics of your Emini trading system before you start to trade with real money. You will need to understand what stock index trading means, ticks, margins, contracts and many other terms, lets cover a few of them.

One of the most commonly used and referred to stock indexes is the S&P 500, this is an average the Standard and Poors 500 stocks, this is a broad based list of the biggest 500 companies in the USA and is usually taken as a very good indicator of how well the economy and stock market in general is doing.

Other very popular stock indexes are the DOW 30 and the Nasdaq 100. The Dow 30 is focused on 30 big industry giants whereas the Nasdaq 100 is focused on the technology sector. You can trade eminis on either the S&P 500, Dow or Nasdaq 100 if you wish.

The minimum price movement the S&P 500 Eminis can make is called a tick, this is worth $12.50 (per contract) and 4 ticks make a complete point in the S&P Eminis, meaning one point is worth $50.00 (per contract). You can trade as many contracts as you like, providing you have the trading capital to do so. To trade the S&P E-mini you are going to have to open up a Futures Trading Account with a Futures Broker.

You are not limited to trade just the S&P 500 Eminis. There are several other Emini markets available, you can trade Dow Minis, E Russell Minis and NASDAQ Minis. The S&P 500 eminis tend to be the most popular because they are very liquid, this means there is a lot of volume which means that you can enter and exit your trade very easily and very fast, these are two of the things that you want when you are choosing something to trade.

Emini E-mini Eminis Trading Glossary

Here are some terms that you should know:

Back Months - Futures delivery months other than front month.
Bear - One who expects a decline in prices.. A news item is considered bearish if it is expected to result in lower prices.
Bear Market - A market in which prices generally are declining over a period of months or years.
Bid - An offer to buy a specific quantity of a commodity at a stated price.
CBOT - Chicago Board Of Trade.
Contract  - An agreement made at a specific price for delivery on a certain day. The Emini Contracts are all cash based. Also known as Futures Contracts.
Day Trader - An active trader who opens and closes positions the same day and seldom hold positions after the close. A day trader usually trades very liquid markets like the S&P 500 Eminis, Erussell Eminis, Dow Eminis, and Nasdaq Eminis.
Dow Eminis - The emini futures market that is a basket of 30 stocks. It is the average of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Emini - A mini contract that is traded exclusively on an electronic trading facility.. E-Mini is a trademark of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
Erussell Eminis - The emini futures market that is a stock index of 2000 stocks.
Front Month - The current trading month. The S&P 500 Eminis trade 4 contract months: March, June, September, and December.
Futures - Market trading in contracts to buy and sell a particular commodity at a fixed price on a certain date.
Limit Order - An order to enter a position at a set price or better.
Market Order - An order to enter a position at the next available price.
Mini - Refers to a futures contract that has a smaller contract size than an otherwise identical futures contract.
Options - Options are a contract that give the buyer the right, not the obligation to buy or sell the underlying security at a specified price (Strike Price) at a specified date.
Stock Index - An average of a basket of stocks, that are usually weighted, meaning some stocks have more “juice” in the index price than others. Some examples of stock indexes are: S&P 500 Eminis, Erussell Eminis, and Dow Eminis.
Swing Trading - Opposite of day trading. Swing Traders speculate longer term on prices of stocks, futures, etc.
Tick - The minimum price fluctuation price action can make. In the S&P 500 Eminis the minimum movement is $12.50. So each “tick” is $12.50.

So What next?

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Emini Trading System - Trade Emini System - Emini Day Trading

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